We ask our clients what it is they want to show up in their lives, is it time with family, is it their dream home, is it working less hours?  Now you wouldn’t really expect bookkeepers and accountants to ask these kinds of questions right?  We ask because we know that a large part of our clients success is how their future looks, we want them to reach their goals, achieve that lifestyle.

Money plays a big part in getting there for sure but it is also really important that business owners create new habits, take care of their wellbeing, so that they can reap the benefits of what they achieve in the future.

Below are 7 tips that look beyond the money

#1 Use your diary

Bet you have days where you started super early then before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you don’t feel as though you have actually got anything done?  Put everything in your diary be that paper and pen or online, leave space for a lunchtime walk and treat every task (including the lunchtime walk) as important.

When you can get to your desk In the morning and know exactly what needs to be done it makes everything seem possible.

#2 Get online

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that technology is now essential rather than nice to have.  The reliance on tech is going to increase.

Think about your business now.  What could you streamline by using a digital system, what tasks make you scream with frustration.  Yes  there are better ways to manage your accounts than an excel spreadsheet ..  just saying ..

 Going digital significantly reduces the amount of time spent  paper chasing, time you can use to work on your business 

#3 Invest in YOU

There are many free resources so you don’t have to spend any money.  As we are starting to return to “normal” and we’ve got through the home schooling and lockdowns if you have the energy to do so, use the time wisely.  There are many resources you can use for FREE for example both Readly and Audible offer one or two months free before signing up for a small amount, think how much information you could absorb in that time!

#4 Exercise for body and mind

I’m a firm believer of healthy body and healthy mind meaning healthy business.

Over the last year I’ve taken up running and I’ve been amazed at how this has positively impacted my focus and energy and my business.  If you are feeling stuck, lacking in motivation or creativity then get outside, dance around the kitchen, take up a yoga class.  I promise you, you’ll feel supercharged when you get back to your office and ready for anything.

Note – see point 1 – put it in your diary

#5 Socialise

Social networking sites are called social for a reason.  It can feel a little scary at first but being visible on social media is an excellent way of increasing your network of like minded associates and potential clients.

There is also a raft of knowledgeable people who are active on social media.  Find people that resonate with you and watch what they do, the type of content they post, how often they post.  Do your own research and create your own social media calendar.  It does take time initially but stick at it and reap the rewards of not only finding new clients but in growing a network of people that you can support and vice versa.

#6 You are what you eat

Taking  care of yourself and getting into good habits means you are always at your best.  We’ve mentioned exercise and the same goes for healthy eating.  A poor diet can leave you lethargic, unable to concentrate, it affects your emotions, reduces your brainpower and your day to day performance.

We know that when times are stressful diet and exercise are usually the first to fall by the wayside but these are the times when eating well and taking exercise are even MORE important as they will actually help you in managing your stress levels.

#7 R & R

Whether it’s a pandemic, economic uncertainty or simply a large amount of negative press, taking time to switch off is always important.

Nothing worth having is ever easy as they say, if it were, everyone would be doing it.  But that doesn’t mean running yourself into the ground, risking burn out, taking stress home to your family or risking your own health.

Take time out, switch off your computer and other devices and grab yourself a cup of your favourite drink, sink into the sofa and watch a film if that will relax you.  Find what works for you in enabling you to switch off and not think about work, business and listen to your body,

The past 12/18 months have definitely provided us all with challenges – with every challenge comes an opportunity.

We hope that just one of the ideas above will help you prepare for future challenges and brighter times ahead. 

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