I’m a firm believer in that there are always opportunities, all around us, it’s just tricky sometimes to see them.

Or like me, on this occasion, you could nearly miss them altogether!

A couple of weeks ago I had a missed call and voicemail forwarded from my team and as I listened to the voicemail I genuinely couldn’t hear the message properly other than the guy’s name. Anyway it was a super busy day for all of us and I made a note to call him back the following morning .. super glad I did!

Turns out the message was from a publishing company wanting to know if we wished to be featured in The Guardian, a national newspaper here in the UK as part of their Vegan Checklist on the run up to Veganuary – well you could have knocked me over with a block of tofu and I cursed myself for not returning the call earlier.

After I caught my breath (as being in a national newspaper was a first for us) I then had to put together 150 words, images and copy for end of business that day and I would SO like to thank Michelle Power from Power of Words for jumping in and transforming my inevitably excited waffle into something concise. If you EVER find yourself needing a copywriter who completely “gets” you, your business and what you are looking to achieve .. Michelle is your girl hands down.

So, we made it and I didn’t miss the opportunity (thankfully) but it did get me thinking that what can sometimes appear as an everyday occurrence, could just be something that the Universe is sending your way because you need it or have been wanting it …

Stay alert people you just never know where that next opportunity is going to come from.

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