You started your business for a purpose

Our company recently became a founding member of Life Centred Bookkeepers and Accountants, an international group of like-minded people whose focus is on helping business owners identify, grab hold of and keep the life they truly want.

Life Centred Bookkeepers and Accountants get better results

I genuinely care about my clients and I hate seeing them working their arses off for little reward.

Unfortunately it’s way too common to see business owners:

  • Rushing around fire-fighting, dealing with whatever the latest crisis is for less than they’d pay their own staff.
  • The strain on family life and relationships
  • The guilt of not being able to spend the time they’d love to with their family
  • The sleepless nights worrying about their cashflow
  • Feeling alone and unsupported
  • Thinking that this is their LOT and the last thing they want to do is speak to their accountant

Over the last year or so, especially during the pandemic, these feelings and challenges have become even more demanding yet, through regularly contact with our clients we’ve been able to talk to them about what they are going through, help them develop plans and partied with them in their successes.  I feel humbled to have been a part of their journey.

This approach has definitely returned great results with some clients, who have started businesses whilst on furlough absolutely nailing it and going from Zero to Hero in as little as 10 months.  To say I’m super proud of this one particular client would be an understatement and I even sent him a voice message on Instagram to tell him exactly that.

Sure there have been tears too, when clients have come to us and maybe not had the support they had hoped for from their previous providers.  We’ve set out a plan, taken a sense check on where they are now and then consistently stayed in touch to ensure that plan is actually followed. You know what, that kind of support goes a LONG way and gets the results that clients want because we aren’t leaving them in the dark, speaking to them in 6 – 12 month’s time when all manner of things have happened and the map to success is lost. 

For me working this way is non-negotiable, I want to be there to help business owners get the things they want in life from the business they started – they didn’t start it as a hobby, They wanted certain things to show up in their lives whether that’s a new home, more time with family, taking every Friday off to get the kids from school – everything has a value, tangible or not and to be able to help people get the life they want is why we’ve become “life centred”  

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