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However you view fear, it’s real and plays a big role in our lives as entrepreneurs (whether we care to admit it or not)

It’s a taboo subject, not to be discussed, but what is it about fear that is so powerful?

As an entrepreneur I’ve experienced analysis paralysis, halted by this overwhelming feeling that I may fail and it slowed my business growth in a heartbeat.  But you know something? It also made me more determined than ever never to let it happen again.

How? By investing in myself, by reprogramming my mind.  Now I’m not here to tell you that it’s easy because it’s not, you’ll fall off the wagon, get to a place where you are sick of feeling fearful and then reboot, it takes practice.  What I will say is, it’s worth it, YOU are worth the investment.

It’s entirely possible and here are 5 reasons that fear is absolutely ruining your business right now:

#1 It’s forcing you to play it safe

The alternative (in your mind) is too painful.  What are you afraid of?

When you go through failure, it hurts but the fear hurts more.   The next time you hear that negative voice in your mind, fight back.  Do something outside of your comfort zone, go and throw caution to the wind and see what happens.  I reckon you’ll likely discover a new found confidence.

#2 It’s blocking you from abundance

There are 2 roads in life and business.  One most travelled is scarcity where there is never enough, not enough money, not enough opportunity, not enough of anything.  It’s a dangerous place to be – our sudden and urgent fear of failure.

The second path, well we know it exists.  More money, more time, more changes, skills, collaborations.  Fear blocks that path.

#3 It’s limiting you scaling your business

Even when things are going well, fear will likely cause you to stay where you are.  It draws you, entices you to stay in the same market, not expand your offers, not grow your sales too far, too fast.  Why?  Because we are scared of what might happen if we couldn’t meet our obligations.  

Human being are meant to thrive not survive.  Change the script, cancel the fear.  Think about what will happen if you DON’T take those chances.  

#4 It’s limiting your earning potential

When you are too afraid to take risks, you are slamming the brakes on your potential to earn more money.  How can you get more when your mind is limited by negative beliefs?  Again it’s a scarcity mindset not one of abundance – sounds all a bit new age right, but it’s true.

If you are serious about earning more money then you have to learn to handle your deepest and darkest fears.  I know from my own experience that as soon as I overcame those fears and viewed fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real” the results in my business were way beyond anything I could have imagined.

#5 It’s an unhealthy place to be and affects every area of your life

We wear many hats as entrepreneurs especially in the early days.  Our life requires us to wake up early, set goals and take action daily.  We have to be persistent in our pursuit of success.

When our business begins to slow, we get stressed, anxious, it impacts our health and the tone of our relationships.  It pretty much impacts every part of our lives.

The only way to move past this is that there will come a point where the pain of what you are doing is just too much to bear, it’s frustrating at best, versus facing the alternative of what would happen if you didn’t take action to achieve your goals.  Ask yourself, what would happen if I DIDN’T do this?

And that is how you can overcome fear and when you do, the possibilities that open up are endless.

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